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Our Building Process

Building the dream home is one of life’s most memorable and challenging experiences. TRV Homes team works closely with you at every step and makes sure that you get the house you have always dreamt of. We make the whole process as informative and stress free as possible. Our design& selection team works closely with you and gives you plenty of time to focus on what is important – making your home the way you want it. We offer complete range of services from land divisions to financial assistance to turn key products.

Consultation and Designing

Designing is a very crucial stage of every foundation. We listen to your family’s requirements and ask you to provide the land dimensions. Based on the provided information and local Council’s guidelines, we give you the initial concept plan and then organise another meeting with you and amend the plans to meet your family’s requirements.


After receiving an initial deposit, we organise the soil testing and preliminary footing report.

Pre-Construction Phase

Step 1 – Selection

We organise the selection with you. Our selection process is much better than other project builders. We make sure that you have a wider range of selection and you make your selection in the Kitchen Showroom, Appliances /Sanitary and Tiling Warehouse. The rest of the detailed selection you complete with our staff. We can provide you the extensive Electrical selection with Clipsal and clients can have a modern way of living style – C Bus Channels at additional cost.

Step 2 Working drawings and 6 Star Energy rating certificate

The TRV Homes Team would mark up the plan and send it to the designer for the final planning approval and DA approvals. Your responsibility is to double check with our staff and make sure that you understand what is on the plan and ask any question you have regarding your dream house.

Step 3 Approval Process

TRV Homes would lodge the planning consent application with Council and Private Certifiers for DA.

Step 4 Bank Pack

TRV Homes will prepare your bank pack documents for finance approvals like working drawings, site plans, footing & Civil Plan, Variation if any along with interim statement and send scanned copies to your bank.

Step 5 Finance approvals

TRV Homes ask you to provide the evidence of land ownership and finance approvals.

Step 6 Ready to start building

TRV Homes prepares the construction file and orders the materials for your home. You will be introduced to a building supervisor who would be your contact person. Our supervisors are very flexible and keep you updated for the building process and take you onsite with pre-arranged appointments and make sure that you enjoy each step of building your dream home or investment property.

On -Site Phase

Step 1 Foundation

TRV Homes’ site supervisors organise the subcontractors who clear the site, prepare the base, dig the site, fix the steel and pour the concrete under the supervision of our engineer. All underground services then get laid.

Step 2 Framework

TRV Homes’ qualified subcontractors’ first fixing carpenters erect the frame & roof trusses and give you the first view of your home. Our site supervisor walks through with you and makes sure that you get the framework up as per your understanding of the working drawing.

Step 3 Lock up

After the Brickwork and roof is completed, the house reaches the lockup stage. First fixing of electrical, plumbing and heating cooling for two storeys is completed at this stage. Our site supervisors walk through with you at this stage and make sure that you get everything as per your understanding. If anything is missing, we can incorporate your requirements at additional costs.

Step 4 Internal linings and insulation

Internal linings and insulation of the ceiling and the walls is completed and the plasterboard is installed. TRV Homes’ supervisor organises a site meeting with you if you require the designing of niches and bulkhead to be done for your home.

Step 5 Second fixing

Internal doors, Stair case, Kitchen & Vanities are installed (Excluding stone bench top and Glass Splashback).

Step 6 Practical completion

Tiling, Paint, 2nd fixing electrical & plumbing (except HWS & Cooktop) BIR if applicable, Bathroom fixtures, Heating cooling system are installed.TRV Homes’ supervisors organise the pre handover inspection with you and list all the outstanding items if any. We complete the house as per the contract and after receiving the final progress payment, we handover the keys along with home warranties and certificates of compliance at our office.

Maintenance & Warranty

After you move in your home, we ask you to send us a list of things (if any) to be fixed after completion of 3 months. TRV Homes’ aftercare team organises the maintenance inspection and sends trades for maintenance.

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